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  1. Are my messages and data secure?

  2. Are you planning to develop an app for Windows Phone or BlackBerry?

  3. Can I change my telephone number?

  4. Can I search for specific messages?

  5. Can I send MMS?

  6. Can I use mysms even if my phone is off?

  7. Can I use mysms without a smartphone?

  8. Can my Task Killer affect the way mysms works?

  9. How can I archive or export my messages?

  10. How can I delete my mysms account?

  11. How can I disable the „in-app“ sound notification?

  12. How can I invite my friends to join mysms?

  13. How can I use mysms friends to text for free?

  14. How can I use mysms mirror?

  15. How can I use mysms Premium?

  16. How do I attach pictures and files to a text message?

  17. How do I change/verify my mobile number?

  18. How do I disable notifications?

  19. How do I register on my iPad/in mysms mirror?

  20. How do I use mysms mirror?

  21. How do I use mysms on my computer?

  22. How do I use mysms on my iPad?

  23. How do I use mysms on my tablet?

  24. How do I use the mysms widgets and how do I get them to appear on the home screen?

  25. How do I use the mysms widgets on my Android tablet?

  26. How do I use the SMS backup and restore feature?

  27. How does the group chat feature work?

  28. How to customize your Android phone app

  29. How to customize your Android tablet/mirror app

  30. How to schedule messages to send them later/in the future

  31. How to use websms connectors for mysms?

  32. I cannot uninstall mysms on my desktop/Windows 7 PC.

  33. I forgot my password. What should I do?

  34. I'm using a supported tablet or phone. Why can't I download mysms?

  35. I’m using a smartphone with dual SIM. Is it working with mysms?

  36. Is it possible to print messages on the computer?

  37. Is there a trial available for mysms Premium? How much does it cost? How can it be cancelled?

  38. My notifications are broken. What can I do?

  39. My notifications don’t work. What can I do?

  40. My phone or tablet is not compatible. I can’t download the app.

  41. My push notifications are broken. What can I do?

  42. My SMS/MMS from desktop could not be sent. What can I do?

  43. My SMS/MMS weren’t sent/synchronized. What can I do?

  44. mysms is not available in my language. How can I become a translator?

  45. SMS text messages are in an incorrect order

  46. The payment with PayPal for mysms Premium doesn’t work. What can I do?

  47. To which contacts can I send messages?

  48. To whom can I send messages? Can I text for free?

  49. What are the icons next to my messages supposed to mean?

  50. What does the notification “Messages 24h not synced” exactly mean?

  51. What is the "Text via" function? How to change the send channel?

  52. What is the call feature for? How can I use it?

  53. What is the maximum text length? How many characters can I send at once?

  54. What is the mysms cloud?

  55. When I'm trying to login on my computer or tablet, it says my phone number is not registered

  56. Which files can I send with mysms?

  57. Which iOS devices do you support?

  58. Why am I not able to send texts via my mobile carrier on my iPhone?

  59. Why are long messages split into separate SMS in the web app?

  60. Why are MMS sent from the web/desktop/tablet not shown in my default SMS app on my phone?

  61. Why are my push notifications not working?

  62. Why are new contacts or changes not shown in mysms?

  63. Why are some of my remote messages sent with the addition “via”? What is it for?

  64. Why can’t I register on my Android tablet/mysms mirror?

  65. Why should I use mysms as default SMS app on my smartphone (Android 4.4)?

  66. Will there be an update available for iPhone?

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