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What is the "Text via" function? How to change the send channel?

With mysms you decide how your text message is sent. That’s why we have integrated the function "Text via" that you can use to arrange your sending preferences. In addition, you can change the send channel for each of your outgoing messages.

Sending text messages

Here's how to configure "Text via":

  • Go to mysms and open the sidebar.
  • Under "Send & receive" you’ll find the option "Text via".
  • Here you can arrange your sending preferences with “drag & drop” for domestic and international texting. Your sending options will be shown in the send button whenever you send a new message. However, if your contact number is not supported by your preferred sending option the next available option will be automatically selected.

Here's how to change the preferred channel for specific contacts:

  • You have now arranged your sending preferences for all contacts. However, you can change this setting for individual contacts in the particular thread. Press and hold or click on the right part of the send button (depending on the app).
  • Then choose one option and send a message. The option will be saved as first preference for this contact. Your "Text via" setting won't be changed.

Sending multimedia messages

If you want to send a text or attachment, you can either send it as MMS or as regular SMS with a link. Before submitting your message, open the sending options via the send button (press and hold or click on the right side of the button) and select your preferred sending option – MMS or SMS.

Please note that only a link to the file will be added that has to be opened in the browser, if you send attachments as regular SMS. However, no MMS charges will apply in this case.

SMS or MMS to multiple recipients

When you send a message to several recipients, it is possible to start an MMS group chat or to send individual SMS to these recipients.

MMS group chat (default setting): Start a new message, add multiple recipients and choose the sending option “MMS” to start an MMS group chat. All messages including the replies of your contacts will be shown in one thread.

SMS to multiple recipients: Compose a new message, add several contacts and choose the option “SMS”. Your recipients will receive separate messages that are shown in separate threads.

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