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How do I use the mysms widgets on my Android tablet?

Like any other app, you can use mysms directly via your home screen.

Installing the widget:

Go to the Android menu and click on the tab “Widgets”. Search for the mysms widgets and longpress on it to put it on a free space on your home screen.

There are different widgets available:

The 4x2 widgets display the number of unread messages. You can access the message view in the app by clicking on the message or conversation and you can compose a new message directly via the widget. In addition you can choose from a light or dark theme. They can both be used on the lock screen (> Android 4.2):

  • The mysms (Messages) widget allows you to choose, whether you want to display the messages of a specific or all contacts. Moreover, it is possible to only show the unread messages and you can mark these messages as read by tapping the check box.
  • The mysms (Conversations) widget shows the overview of your conversations directly on your home screen (requires Android > 4.0).

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