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What is the call feature for? How can I use it?

The call feature gives you remote control over your calls.

  • Call list is displayed on your computer and tablet
  • Notifications on incoming and missed calls
  • Dismiss or mute a call remotely
  • Dial a call

It's not possible to sync the whole calling session to your desktop or tablet, so you still need to speak on their phone.

Things to consider:

What are the requirements to be able to use this feature?

Android phone users are able to use this feature on any other remote device. Enable the option “Call Log” and “Remote call” in the mysms settings (Sidebar - Cloud Synchronization) on your Android phone and you’re ready to go.

Manage your calls remotely, make phone calls locally

Even though we provide you with the possibility to manage your calls remotely, you still need to make the call itself on your phone. That means if you pick up a call e.g. via the web app, it’s only possible to answer the phone call using your smartphone or a headset.

Dismissing a call on 2G internet connection

The call log feature works perfectly with 3G and WiFi connection. Using 2G it is not possible to connect to the Internet while you are calling someone. So if you trigger a phone call via the web and you can only dismiss it on your smartphone. This only affects smartphones in GSM networks.

Sync of read status for call notifications

In case you missed a call you will get notified on every platform. However, if you mark the notification as read, this status will not be synced to your phone. As we do not have the rights to sync the read status, the badge icon on your phone remains, even if you already saw the missed call on your computer, tablet or the mirror app.

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