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How to schedule messages to send them later/in the future

The scheduling feature will be available in all mysms apps (currently supported in: mysms for Android phone, Web App).
  1. To send a message at any time in the feature, either start a new message or open an existing thread.
  2. First enter your message text as you are used to. Then tap on the clock icon which indicates the scheduling feature.
  3. On the next screen please select your preferred date and time for this message. Confirming these settings (check mark) will bring you back to the message view with an active scheduling icon either on or next to the send button (depending on the app).
  4. Tap on the send button to schedule your message – the status of the message will now show your chosen date and time.

It is not possible to edit this message or the timestamp. If you want to schedule the message at another time, please delete the scheduled message and create a new one.

This feature is only available for mysms Premium users.

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