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When I'm trying to login on my computer or tablet, it says my phone number is not registered

  1. To be able to send and receive messages on your computer or tablet, you need an existing mysms account. Therefore, please download mysms on your Android phone and register for a new account. Then use this account to login on your computer or tablet. The reason is that messages from your computer/tablet are sent and received through your Android phone.
  2. In case you already have a mysms account, you should be able to log in on any device by using your Google account. If you verify your number in the mysms settings on your phone (Sidebar – Account – Your mobile number – Verify), you are also able to use your mobile number and password for the login. Don’t forget to change the pre-defined password after the verification of your mobile number. You just need to enter a new password under Sidebar – Account - Password.

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