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Which files can I send with mysms?

With mysms you can send any kind of file you want – pictures, sound files, PDF files etc. We provide you with two possibilities for sending a multimedia message:

Send regular MMS

Choose the option “MMS” in the mysms settings on your phone (under "Sidebar - Send & Receive - Send attachment as"). This enables you to send real MMS on your phone, tablet or computer. If the size of the file you're sending exceeds the maximum size of an MMS, the message is sent as a normal text including a link to the file. Depending on your operator, you can define the maximum MMS size in “Advanced settings”.

Send attachments as regular texts

Choose the option “SMS” (under "Sidebar - Send & Receive - Send attachment as") to send multimedia files as a link as part of a normal text. If the recipient uses mysms, your files will be displayed directly in the message. If your recipient is not using mysms, she/he will receive your files as a link. After clicking this link, she/he will be shown the full picture/file. We handle these messages with attachment like SMS messages (and not MMS). Therefore, a message with pictures or files costs you the same as a message without attachment.

You can send 4 pictures or files per text message, 10 MB maximum per attached picture/file.

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