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My SMS/MMS from desktop could not be sent. What can I do?

These are the most common reasons for an incomplete sync, delays in sending or if remote texts fail to send:

  • Manual sync: Perform a manual sync in the mysms settings (sidebar - Cloud Synchronisation - Manually sync) on your smartphone and re-login on your desktop/tablet after the sync has completely finished
  • Stable data connection on your phone: Try if there is a difference when using your mobile data connection or Wi-Fi, as some Wi-Fi routers can cause problems
  • Energy saving mode: Do not use an energy saving mode (stable data connection even in sleep mode) or power saver on your phone
  • Please avoid using the same mysms account on two mobile phones. If you own two smartphones, use mysms mirror on your second phone.
  • Make sure you're using the latest version of mysms
  • In some cases a complete uninstall and a new re-install will solve the issue

If you still run into problems with remote texts, please email us via the contact form.

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