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How can I use mysms Premium?

With mysms Premium managing your messages and calls is even more fun.


To get access to the all mysms features, you need to subscribe to mysms Premium. Go to the mysms settings (sidebar) on your Android phone. Under "Account" you’ll find the option to activate mysms Premium. In addition, you can activate Premium in the mysms web app. On the header you'll find an icon to subscribe to mysms Premium. Each Premium subscription is valid for one mysms account. Visit our Premium page to get information on the Premium fees.

What advantages does mysms Premium offer?

mysms Premium includes the following features:

  • Backup and restore
    After the successful registration of a mysms account, all your existing and new messages are saved in the mysms cloud. No matter which device you are using (smartphone, tablet, computer), your messages are always in sync. In case you reset your phone or get a new one, your messages will be restored to your new device.
    Here is how it works.

  • Remote calls on tablet and desktop
    mysms not only syncs your messages, but also your calls to any device (desktop, tablet, web). First, please make sure that the options "Call Log" and "Remote Call" are enabled in the mysms settings on your Android phone. When you receive a call, a popup shows up that you can use to answer (not available for Android 5.x), dismiss or mute a call or to answer with a message. In addition you will receive a notification for missed calls and you can even start a call. Please note that even if you start or answer a call on your computer/tablet, you still need to talk on your Android phone.
    Here you will find detailed information.

  • SMS scheduler
    In some special cases it is very convenient to send messages at a time in the future. Use this feature to schedule texts e.g. for birthday wishes or reminders. After composing your message you can choose an exact date and time for your message. Learn more about how this feature works here.

  • Mirror SMS to another phone
    Users who own two smartphones can use mysms mirror to manage all messages and calls on one device. Install the regular mysms phone App on your Android phone and mysms mirror on the phone (Android phone or iPhone) you want to manage all messages from both devices. Please note that it is only possible to mirror SMS and calls from an Android phone to another Android phone or iPhone.
    This is how you can use mysms mirror.

  • Archive your messages
    In addition to the mysms cloud you can save and manage your messages in your Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive or Email account. Once connected, all your new incoming and outgoing messages are archived. These plugins serve as additional storage and cannot be used for restoring.
    Here is how you can activate this feature.

  • Export your messages
    To back up your messages you can export your entire SMS inbox in a .CSV file. This file is sent to your email account, directly after the export has been completed. All messages are available in one single file which you can access even when you are offline.
    This is how the SMS export feature works.

  • Full message history
    On your computer and tablet you can display and search all messages without any time limits. Have access to your entire message history which is saved in the mysms cloud. You can either scroll to see more messages or search for specific ones. If you use the search feature, it will browse through all your text messages.

  • Faster support
    To our mysms Premium users we provide fast support for every matter regarding mysms. Email us via one of our apps to receive help within 24 hours during our business hours (Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm CET/CEST)

If you are experiencing an issue with the activation or one of the Premium features, please email us here.

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